Why do you get banding in solid colour printing areas?
This is because we are using a toner based printing device. This creates a waxing effect - thus banding.
Create “noise” or random fluctuations in the colours. This will appear as flaking or textures. Although this will change the look of the piece - the job will run better and will look classier.

To avoid banding the black what technique must be used?
Try using a “rich black” or a combination of CMYK for building your black.
An example of a rich black is 30% Cyan, 30% Magenta, 30% Yellow and 100% Black.

Do you print metallic colours?
No! Because there is no CMYK match.
It is best not to design with these colours in mind

Why can’t you print on textures or coloured stock?
All stock/paper used in the Indigo E-Print 1000+ has been specially coated to ensure the transfer of the ink.

How quickly can you turn around a printed job?
The turnaround time of each job depends on the present workload, complexity of the job, and whether there are any finishing processes involved. Straight printing projects will take 24-48 hours. For any special finishing you should add an additional one to two days.

How is it possible for you to print and trim a piece so quickly?
This is because the Indigo E-Print 1000+ is a waterless printing system. The transfer of ink is obtained via an electrical charge, therefore items are delivered instantly dry and ready for handling.

Can you print from a PC file directly to the press?
Yes, we can print from most PC files, although this is entirely dependent on the programs that we are currently using. All Microsoft packages will require some manipulation prior to printing, this will incur some additional costs











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